The Board

The Board members are elected for five years. The basic function of the Board is to ensure the daily operation of the bank. Currently the RIB* Board consists of three members.

The Board

Acting Chairman of the Board Alexander Jakovlev
Member of the Board Gints Gritans
Member of the Board Andrii Homza

* In the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia bank is registered as Joint stock company „Regionala investiciju banka”

About the Bank

Currency rates

  Buy Sell USD 1.1446 1.122 RUB 78.7617 71.9784 GBP 0.915 0.8969 12.12.2018

Deposit rates

Term   USD EUR 6 months   0.55 - 1 year   1.25 0.75 5 years   2.00 1.00