Currently the Bank's total core capital is EUR 32.33 million. The nominal value of one share is EUR 1, and one share gives the right to one vote at the shareholder meeting.

As a result of the recent changes in the composition of shareholders, which were made on December 20, 2017, SKY Investment Holding Ltd is the largest shareholder of RIB with 37.404% of shares. Other owners with more than 10% of shares are Yury Rodin (19.998%), Stock Bank Pivdennyi (13.761%), Mark Bekker (10.573%)

The rest of the shares belong to five legal entities and one individual. Their total share in the capital of the bank is 18.264% and none of them owns more than 10%.

Shareholder list

Shareholder Share amount %
"SKY Investment Holding" 37,404%
Yuriy Rodin 19,998%
Pivdennyi Bank 13,761%
Mark Bekker 10,573%
Other shareholders 18,264%

About the Bank

Currency rates

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Deposit rates

Term   USD EUR 6 months   0.55 - 1 year   1.25 0.75 5 years   2.00 1.00